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Helping Pilates instructors discover unlimited possibilities in their business through my Postnatal Core Rehab Method


Free Diastasis Training 

Download the free guide: Diastasis Decoded and discover the up-to-date way to test for diastasis recti and how to programme your findings

The Postnatal Core Rehab Method

Our business accelerator programme for Pilates instructors who want to specialise in postnatal to make a full-time salary working part-time hours

Book a free Business Clarity Call

You’ll receive 1:1 coaching on what’s happening in your business and the aligned actions you need to take to turbo-charge your Pilates business

Bridging the Diastasis Gap

The up-to-date training on how to assess and program for Pilates clients with Diastasis Recti.

Marketing Mastery

For Pilates instructors who want to make more money, book more postnatal clients and have less social media stress

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Monthly hints, tips and juicy bits to consider when working with postnatal clients


“The Postnatal Core Rehab Method training is a great framework for anyone already teaching postnatal in group settings, but not yet teaching postnatal one to one.


"I really recommend working with Alice and having her as a mentor to learn how to be successful and to really help postnatal women.”

Gloria Fuson
Postnatal Core Rehab Method Coach

"Alice has been a really supportive person to work with. She's very knowledgeable in this field and probably the most passionate person I know about working with postnatal women."

Isabelle Scott
Postnatal Core Rehab Method Coach

"The biggest thing I have learned from The Postnatal Core Rehab Method so far, is it really only takes just getting to grips with some key focus points to enable you to feel more confident in working with postnatal clients rather than pages and pages of information. The course gives me the framework I was looking for!"

Laura Steer
Postnatal Core Rehab Method Trainee


Alice Johnstone is The Postnatal Pilates Coach and has helped hundreds of mums and instructors feel liberated instead of terrified during the postnatal chapter.


In 2018, she founded Your Time Pilates with the goal of helping women reclaim their bodies after having children. Having undergone a challenging postpartum recovery herself, Alice is dedicated to supporting mums through her signature programme, The Postnatal Core Rehab Method. This programme has been life-changing for mothers who have struggled with diastasis recti, weakened pelvic floor muscles, pelvic organ prolapse, and difficult births or C-sections.

Alice's mission is to create a community of passionate instructors who can educate women about their bodies after childbirth, instil confidence, and provide tailored Pilates exercises to meet their individual needs. As a mum of 2.5 kids (her furry friend counts!), Alice is a self-proclaimed YOGI (young fogey!) who enjoys tending to her garden and doing jigsaw puzzles.

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