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Your Time to Unwind
Pilates & Sound Bath Retreat

12th May 2024 2.30-6pm

Nuffield Gym (King George's Road)


Desperate for some time by yourself to relax?

Want to release those back and neck aches and pains?

If you answered YES to any of these, come and join our 1/2 day Pilates retreat. 


We have a variety of sessions that will get the blood pumping, release achy, overworked 'mum/desk-life' muscles, and restore calm to the nervous system. Every session will be suitable for wherever you are on your fitness journey and for anyone postnatal.    


You’ll leave feeling energised, refreshed and relaxed

Oh, and there will be tea and cake afterwards!



🔥 Great Balls of Fire Pilates - fiery fun with the mini-ball

🌶️ Spicy PT session that will leave you feeling invincible



🧘‍♂️ Re-alignment and re-centering Pilates to calm the nervous system

🙌 Release and restorative stretch to rid you of those everyday mum-life aches ​



🌬️ Energy re-alignment session to ecstatic music 

🎶 Soul-soothing sound bath to close the retreat

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