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Specifically designed to tackle the kinks and creaks caused by mum-life - delivered straight to your inbox


YES! I want to take back control of my body after kids.

In this FREE consultation, we will discuss the postnatal challenges you’re facing right now, the transformation you want to make for yourself and how we might be able to solve them.

You'll also:

- Learn how to reconnect to your pelvic floor and tummy muscles and get them working again in a safe and effective way

- Discover how to recover from diastasis recti and increase your core strength 

 - Be shown some of the best exercises to combat your pain from the comfort of your own home

- Hear from other people just like you that we have helped achieve lasting results where attempts have failed

Click below to arrange your free consultation with Alice and start your recovery journey today!

mum, instructor, postnatal, Pilates, fitness, business coaching

We offer personalised 1:1 teaching for mums to heal, strengthen and reconnect after childbirth.

Your moment to focus on the part of you that gets forgotten after becoming a mum

Time to feel strong, confident and in awe of your body 

It's Your Time to stop living at the mercy of your body and start choosing to live life your way


Our classes all take place at your home at a time that works around you and the kids.

They are bespoke and tailor-made to address your specific challenges post-birth.

They are designed to be fun, challenging and varied so that you can shut out the noise and spend time just on you.

This is Your Time.

mum, instructor, postnatal, Pilates, fitness, business coaching


Where you are right now:

"I feel disconnected from my body after having kids. My tummy muscles and pelvic floor feel weak. I experience the odd leak and have back pain."


The problems you're facing:

"I want to start getting stronger and more connected, but I’m worried I’ll get it wrong and make things worse."


What you want for yourself:

"I want to re-build a strong foundation after pregnancy, having a difficult birth, c-section, diastasis recti or managing a pelvic organ prolapse."

The programme that will suit you best is "Core Rehab":

  • 12-week course of 1-hour classes once a week, at your home

  • Postural assessment to identify focus areas to address postnatal challenges

  • Breathing assessment and re-education plan 

  • Diastasis recti assessment and correction strategies

  • Learn how to really preform a Kegal and re-establish connection to your ‘core’ muscles and pelvic floor via the breath

  • Gently progressed exercises that build deep core and pelvic floor strength at your pace of recovery

  • Learn the foundational Pilates exercises and principles 

  • Weekly ‘at home practice’ exercises to continue your practice between sessions

  • Access to Member’s Area of website with all exercise videos, including bonus Mobility videos, for the duration of the course

  • Holiday Class video recordings during school holidays 

  • Lifetime access to all at-home practice videos and holiday classes

  • An online journal to chart your progress and help you stay on track


Where you are right now:

"I’ve taken the first step to building solid foundations for a strong, pain free, and more flexible postnatal body."


The problems you're facing:

"I’m worried I’ll slip into old habits now I’m feeling improvements, and that I’ll go back to feeling the way I used to."


What you want for yourself:

"I’m determined to life my fullest life and heal from my pain. I am committed to my regular practice because I want to be able to start exercising again in a safe way, get real and lasting results and prevent any further injuries."

The programme that will suit you best is "Powerhouse":

  • A tailormade, goals-based programme of progressive, fun and varied exercises to address your postnatal problem areas, challenge your core and full body to meet your goals

  • One-hour classes once a week in person, at your home 

  • New goals set every 12 weeks to turbo-charge your progress

  • Progress check-ins every 4 weeks so you can feel real results

  • Access to bespoke videos and exercises to target your problem areas

  • Regular ‘at-home practice’ exercises to continue your progress between sessions

  • An online journal to chart your progress and help you stay on track

  • Continued access to Your Time Pilates Member’s Area with all the Foundational exercises and Mobility videos for the duration of the course



Where you are right now:

"I have a busy life and struggle to fit in daily practice around the kids. I almost never take time for myself and feel like I’m running on empty."


The problems you're facing:

"I am struggling to relieve aches and stiffness, have a niggly back and neck, and have limited time due to work / life / family."


What you want for yourself:

"I want to take some time for myself each week to feel stronger in my core, move more freely, de-stress and feel like myself again."

The programme that will suit you best is "Balance":

  • A bespoke programme of restorative exercises to promote relaxation, mobilization, build full body strength and flexibility and address your postnatal challenges

  • One-hour classes once a week in person, at your home 

  • New targets set every 12 weeks to guide your progress

  • Progress check-ins every 12 weeks so you can feel real results

  • Access to Your Time Pilates Member’s Area with all Foundational exercises and Mobility videos for the duration of the course


Meet your coach

Hi! I'm Alice, The Postnatal Pilates Coach.

Founder of Your Time Pilates and Postnatal Pilates specialist 

I founded Your Time Pilates with the mission of helping women to take back control of their bodies after having kids, after experiencing my own difficult recovery.


My signature programme, The Postnatal Core Rehab Method, has transformed the lives of hundreds of mums after a difficult birth, c-section, diastasis recti, a weakened pelvic floor or managing a pelvic organ prolapse. 

After the births of both my children I realised that there wasn’t enough support for women needing to recover from childbirth and I felt compelled to do something about it. Hence the birth of Your Time Pilates! Helping postnatal women take back power over their body and lives has become my mission.

What I love most about being a Postnatal Pilates instructor is that I am a hands-on part of someone’s change journey.  I get to share in the sparks of pure wonder when they discover how strong and powerful they are.

I am a mum of 2.5 kids (the dog definitely counts!), living in Southfields, London, and basically a YOGI (young fogey!) as I love dabbling in the garden and doing puzzles. 



“Just three sessions and it’s completely transformed the way I’m living. I can go running without leaking for the first time in years. It’s given me the freedom to know I can stay out with the kids and go for longer walks. I wish I’d started sooner!”

Jo, mum of two

“I’m now able to live without pain! I sometimes get pubis symphysis pain after walking and stiffness in my lower back in the morning. Now I have the tools to manage that pain so whenever it flares up, I do my exercises and the pain goes away."

Martine, mum of two

"I’m feeling so much stronger when I’m doing everyday things. It’s kickstarted me to be healthier in other areas of my life too and take better care of myself. You have to be committed though, it’s not a magic pill. Just do it - it makes a big difference to everything!"

Christine, mum of two

"I felt that my core was shot to pieces after two c-sections. Alice gave me the support and guidance in the early postnatal period to build the foundations up in the initial healing period. Now, my three-figure diastasis is now almost completely closed after only a few weeks."

Harriet, mum of two

“I had a diastasis and didn’t know what to do. I lacked confidence in my body and worried I’d hurt myself when I picked up the baby. Now I’ve got my confidence and strength back. I’m so pleased I did this for myself.”

Els, mum of two

"I'm the least injured I've every been. It's amazing!"

Rebecca, mum of four


"Alice literally saved me. I was in pain every day with a prolapsed disc and now I’m totally pain-free and have had another baby. I am now stronger than I’ve ever been.”

Rebecca, mum of three


“I'm amazed at the difference only four sessions have made! My pelvic pain and lower back pains are gone, and my body feels like it's clicking back into place after being disconnected for many years.”

Sultana, mum of one


“Just one class has performed wonders for my back and I’m now much more aware of my posture. I feel amazing and invigorated!”

Rachel, mum of two



Pilates is not just exercise. It is a holistic approach to exercise that aims to improve your physical strength, flexibility and posture and alignment. Not to forget the added benefit of reducing stress and improving mental focus and well-being. 

After carrying a baby in your womb for 9 months there has been quite a strain on the core. Your abdominals have been stretched and may have stretched apart slightly (diastasis recti). Your pelvic floor muscles have been supporting a heavy load and then may have helped push a baby out. Your lower back muscles will need supporting and strengthening as your baby grows and gets heavier. 

This is where Pilates works it's magic:

⭐️ It strengthens your pelvic floor – combat incontinence and prolapse issues

⭐️ It ah-mazing for your abs – Pilates hits your core and helps to reshape your post-pregnancy body

⭐️ Improve diastasis recti – repair over-stretched abdominals and improve back pain

⭐️ Regain a good posture and prevent back pain – redress the postural imbalances caused by pregnancy and caring for you baby

⭐️ Strengthen and energise your whole body – Pilates isn’t just about the core, it’s a total body workout

⭐️ Build confidence and feel good about yourself – reconnect with your new body and be in awe of all the amazing things it can do!

⭐️ Help you lose baby weight – Pilates gives you the tools to prepare your body for more vigorous cardiovascular activities


What shall I wear to a Pilates class?

Wear loose comfortable trousers or shorts and a comfortable top. In Pilates we tend to take our shoes off, however if you prefer, these can be left on.

Where do the classes take place?​

In the comfort of your own home!

Can I have my baby in the sessions?

Yes, of course you can. Where possible we'd love to encourage you to take this time for yourself but are more than happy to have some cuddles with a babe in arms too! 

I’ve never done Pilates before. What can I expect?

Classes normally start in a standing position to correctly align your body, re-set your posture and help you learn the most beneficial position for you and your posture type. This will be reminded each week, and over time, you should start to feel your ‘normal’ becoming closer to this ‘ideal’ posture. This gives you a real feeling of achievement.

After an initial warm up, you will transfer to the floor and begin a series of exercises. Some will be on your front, some on your side, some on your back, some in a seated position. If any of these positions may cause you discomfort, please let your instructor know prior to the class, or during and you will be offered an alternative position. The exercises will flow with stretches in between, and the class will fly by as the concentration required to perform such small movements with correct technique and engagement is phenomenal. Pilates is not initially a physical challenge. It’s a mental challenge. Then when you understand what is required to maintain good posture throughout the movements, then it becomes more physically challenging.

Is equipment provided?

Many people prefer to use their own mats so they can continue their practice during the week. We can provide a mat if necessary or can purchase one on your behalf. All other equipment (bands, balls, blocks etc) will be provided.

Do I need to complete any forms?

We require all clients to complete a deep screening form which ensures that you are not taking any risks and assists us in tailoring your requirements precisely. This will be emailed this to you ahead of your free consultation.

How do I book a free consultation?

Via the button below or you can contact Alice direct on or on 07737 744228 to book. 

What if I need to cancel or move a class?

24 hour’s notice is required to move a class without charge and where possible, We will aim to fit the session within that same week or if not, the class will be rolled forward to the following week. 

How do I pay?

You can pay for classes via bank transfer or Direct Debit. These details will be shared with you as part of the Membership forms.

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