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5 days of 5-minute miracle stretches specifically designed to tackle the kinks and creaks caused by mum-life – all for just £5!

Over the five days, I'll guide you through quick and effective movements targeting the pains and stiffness from long feeding shifts, sling wearing, toddler carrying, buggy pushing, sleepless nights, and playmat playing. 🤰🤩



🌈 Day 1: Neck and shoulders - Say goodbye to feeding stiffness

🌟 Day 2: Upper back and mid back - Relieve the strain from carrying toddlers

🌺 Day 3: Lower back - Buggy pushing won't feel like a chore anymore

🍃 Day 4: Hips and hamstrings - Feel rejuvenated after sleepless nights

🦶 Day 5: Ankles and feet - Stay nimble after playmat sessions


As soon as you sign up, you'll gain immediate access to Day 1’s exercises. Over the course of the following week, you will receive a fresh video each day, guiding you through the stretches.


No mat or special clothing needed. Fit these stretches around the kids, watch whenever suits you, and repeat as often as you like. 📆💕

These exercises are suitable for wherever you are on your postnatal journey. Whether you had your baby last month, last year or last decade! 


Let's make self-care an enjoyable part of your mum-life! Get ready for a happier, healthier you with just five minutes a day for £5! 💪🌟

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