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You're a Pilates instructor

And clients with Diastasis want to join your classes. All good. Except... you can't quite remember what exercises you're supposed to avoid and you're terrified of making things worse.

Let me clear a few things up for you, give you the FACT NOT FICTION


When it comes to the up-to-date way to test for Diastasis Recti and how to programme your findings, I've got you covered in this FREE video guide. 

In this free 10-minute video guide, you will learn: 

  • Why Diastasis is so much more than a cosmetic issue

  • The 3 must-consider factors for building a postnatal Pilates rehab programme

  • My golden rule for progressing exercises and check list for working with a diastasis client 

  • Which exercises are ‘safe’ and which to avoid



Teach Pilates to women
(because you’ll 100% come across diastasis if you do!)

Want to refresh your diastasis knowledge and bring it up to date

Feel a little nervous or worried about teaching clients with DRA 

Want answers to questions like “which exercises are safe?”, “should I avoid loaded flexion?” and “is it a DRA if it’s 3 fingers wide?”


Alice Johnstone is The Postnatal Pilates Coach and has helped hundreds of mums and instructors feel liberated instead of terrified during the postnatal chapter.


In 2018, she founded Your Time Pilates with the goal of helping women reclaim their bodies after having children. Having undergone a challenging postpartum recovery herself, Alice is dedicated to supporting mums through her signature programme, The Core Rehab Course. This programme has been life-changing for mothers who have struggled with diastasis recti, weakened pelvic floor muscles, pelvic organ prolapse, and difficult births or C-sections.

Alice's mission is to create a community of passionate instructors who can educate women about their bodies after childbirth, instil confidence, and provide tailored Pilates exercises to meet their individual needs.


Her Postnatal Core Rehab Method is a Pilates training and business mentoring programme specifically developed to support instructors to gain confidence in rehabbing postnatal clients and grow their business. 


As a mum of 2.5 kids (her furry friend counts!), Alice is a self-proclaimed YOGI (young fogey!) who enjoys tending to her garden and doing jigsaw puzzles.

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