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Masterclass for Pilates instructors

5X new postnatal client bookings, with only a 15 minute conversation

If you dream of teaching postnatal clients full-time but worry about making enough money to go all in with your business without a consistent flow of new clients, this masterclass is for you.

In this masterclass you will learn how to:

  • Create a pipeline of new, ready-to-pay dreamboat postnatal Pilates clients 

  • Save time by only working with clients within your scope of practice by asking the right questions, every time

  • ​Use a comprehensive postnatal screening system to remove the guesswork and guarantee you feel confident and capable of healing every client you work with

Tuesday, 29th Aug @ 8pm (GMT)


Thursday, 31st Aug @ 12.30pm  (GMT)

Price: £9

A replay will be available if you can't join, just register below



Alice Johnstone is The Postnatal Pilates Coach and has helped hundreds of mums and instructors feel liberated instead of terrified during the postnatal chapter.


In 2018, she founded Your Time Pilates with the goal of helping women reclaim their bodies after having children. Having undergone a challenging postpartum recovery herself, Alice is dedicated to supporting mums through her signature programme, The Core Rehab Course. This programme has been life-changing for mothers who have struggled with diastasis recti, weakened pelvic floor muscles, pelvic organ prolapse, and difficult births or C-sections.

Alice's mission is to create a community of passionate instructors who can educate women about their bodies after childbirth, instil confidence, and provide tailored Pilates exercises to meet their individual needs.


Her CPD certified Postnatal Core Rehab Method is a Pilates training and business mentoring programme specifically developed to support instructors to gain confidence in rehabbing postnatal clients and grow their business. 


As a mum of 2.5 kids (her furry friend counts!), Alice is a self-proclaimed YOGI (young fogey!) who enjoys tending to her garden and doing jigsaw puzzles.

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If you are ready to become a non-stop postnatal client conversion machine

Don’t miss this masterclass!

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I have a recognised pre- and post-natal Pilates qualification
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